Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Video tour of First Republic Brewing Co and Homebrew Supply

Welcome to GR802, for the Vermont Resident, VT Lovers and VT Curious. here's our first video tour of First Republic Brewing Co and First Republic Homebrew Supply.
Our first #Vermont #Brewer #VT really is #GR802. This video is not sponsored.

Check Out First Republic Brewing Co.'s Website http://www.1strepublicbrewingco.com/

Be sure to visit the First Republic Homebrew Supply site:

GR802 is hosted by Mel Allen, #voiceover talent at https://www.TheRealVoice.com -
for commercials, documentaries, training videos or explainer video narrations, podcast intros and more voice overs, reach out for a quote.

Also - learned some great things the day we posted this in an email from 1st Republic:
"We have just launched our new homebrew website.
We have added a ton of products and functionality, and we continue to add new content every week."

Some of the big highlights:
"Our Custom All Grain and Custom Extract recipe tool.  Build your recipe to your exact specifications, right down to the ounce.  we will build the recipe and mail it to you, or at checkout there is an option to pick up in store.

We are carrying more products then ever now, SS Brewtech, Omega Yeast, Brewbuilt, Speidel, Anvil, and many more."