Saturday, November 3, 2018

We're going on our first tour - to The Bum House - which is where we brew and keg our big batches of beer. I'll eventually get a list of the equipment, and possibly put up links if you want to purchase what we're brewing with. We're brewing a Dunkel with a conventional Hefeweizen yeast - top fermenting yeast - so we're referring to it as a Dunkelweize, Dunkelweizen or Dunkel Weisse. For those who are curious, we used Wyeast STRAIN: 3068
WEIHENSTEPHAN WEIZEN ™ for Mel's batch and Wyeast STRAIN: 3638
BAVARIAN WHEAT ™ for Marcus's batch. 

the 3068 tasted a bit more astringent at first, but had more of a 'banana' arome and very light banana taste. 3638 started off giving a banana aroma when it was fermenting - but later seemed to diminish. It tasted a bit smoother and richer than the 3068 at first - but now that they've been aging in the kegs, we need to taste them side by side again.

I will update the ingredients list going forward as we strayed slightly from the classic Dunkel to use the grains and hops on hand - which ended up in a much darker Dunkel!

Welcome to GR802, here's a #video #tour of the Bum House. We'll keg a Dunkel Weisse, It #snowed in Vermont and share a moment of #Zen with resident Golden Retreiver Charlie Bacon, For the Vermont Resident, VT Lovers and VT Curious. Follow along and join us as we do some brewing, visit some Vermont Breweries (maybe brew with some local brewers) and show you the sights, locations, people, food and beverages of #Vermont. #VT really is #GR802 #dogsofYouTube. 
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