Monday, March 20, 2017

Now accepting submissions

Do you know in Vermont who is (or are you) an entertainer, musician, artist, writer, chef, brewer, maple syrup producer, Vermonter or Vermont transplant who is doing something unique, interesting and have a story to tell? Then fill out our contact form to submit your information to us.

Look to our privacy policy for more information - but suffice it to say we won't rent, sell or otherwise share your email address with any other groups -  we simply want to speak with people who can share a story on the GR802 podcast we're putting together. The GR802 podcast will be hosted by a Vermonter - Mel Allen who is a long time broadcaster & podcaster. He'll be bringing in a regular crew of co-hosts, talents and special guests for segments on the happenings in Vermont.

We hope you'll join in the community we're building. Find us and follow us on Twitter @VTGR802 and on Facebook @GR802 

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