Friday, March 24, 2017

Pondering Over Podcast Music

As I piece the podcast together - I'm running into an issue. A lack of *authentic* music.

Now, I'll be honest. I own some royalty free production music - but none really seems to click as being *right* for the podcast. We have such a great collection of musicians locally, and because music is a language that speaks to so many of us, it seems like a good foundation for the podcast.

Here's what I'm asking: If you're a local Vermont musician or band submit your contact info. Leave a link to song(s) or samples on the web - or we can figure out another way to get your music to my ears. I want to also interview artists and bands - but I'll leave that as an optional thing if you're less about talking and more about allowing your music to speak for you.

Here's what I will do if I play your music in an episode. Your artist or band name will be mentioned in the episode at least once (e.g., 'That was ___ song by _____ artist'). Your artist or band name will be in the episode description your music is played on. If provided, I'll put your link in the description and original blog post promoting the podcast episode during which your music is played.

Again, if you are a local Vermont artist or band who is interested, reach out to me through my contact form here and let's start the conversation.

Cheers and happy listening! (soon)

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